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At Nardello & Co., we help our clients facing delicate and complex matters limit and manage risks both in times of crisis and, ideally, before a risk even surfaces.

Nardello & Co. helps clients manage the complexities of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk management. Our team’s extensive experience provides clients with the facts needed to make informed judgements on ESG matters in their companies or extended supply chains. We focus on:

We draw on our backgrounds as former federal prosecutors and in-house counsel, former law enforcement personnel and intelligence operatives, former journalists, financial crime specialists, forensic accountants, and computer forensic experts to provide an objective picture of ESG risk. We closely follow global regulatory and enforcement trends to ensure that we focus on the areas of greatest potential exposure.

Effective ESG oversight on a global scale means going beyond public relations and check-thebox exercises. We help clients understand the facts in the most difficult cases and jurisdictions.

We offer a broad range of global services in connection with our client’s efforts to maintain sound ESG practices, including:


Case Study | Investigating Labor Practices

Nardello & Co. was retained by the government of Abu Dhabi to investigate allegations made by several
media outlets and non-governmental organizations about abusive labor practices affecting thousands
of migrant workers involved in building New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi. Our investigation
comprised a review of thousands of documents; interviews with hundreds of construction workers;
interviews in the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Qatar, the US, the UK, Ireland, and Canada with
personnel (both current and former) of the general contractor and subcontractors involved in the
construction of the campus; interviews with UAE government representatives involved in the development
of the project; interviews of New York University personnel involved in the planning of the project; and site
visits to worker accommodation camps. Our findings and recommendations led to tighter enforcement of
labor guidelines as well as the payment of additional compensation to thousands of migrant workers who
had not been compensated appropriately under the existing guidelines. Our findings were accepted by
all interested parties including New York University, the government of Abu Dhabi, various human rights
organizations, and the media outlets that had originally reported the allegations.

Case Study | ESG Diligence in Latin America

As part of a pre-acquisition due diligence, Nardello & Co. conducted a multi-jurisdictional investigation on an
international mining company that included work on the company’s subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Chile,
and Peru. Our work included a comprehensive open source review of corporate records and litigation and
regulatory filings for each of the target companies in local markets, Spanish and Portuguese language media
and social media review, as well as targeted human source inquiries with knowledgeable industry sources.
Our investigation identified allegations of financial statement manipulation, workplace safety violations, and
environmental contamination that informed the client’s negotiations. Partly based on our findings, the client
decided against proceeding with the transaction.

Case Study | Investigating North Korea Exposure at a Chinese Supplier

Facing allegations its Chinese supplier was acquiring raw materials from a North Korean entity, a
multinational company engaged Nardello & Co. to determine the beneficial ownership of the Pyongyangbased concern. Discreet inquiries with North Korean defectors, academics, and intelligence sources in
South Korea revealed that the entity was wholly owned by a company controlled by Office 39, a secretive
organization that provides critical support to the North Korean leadership, in part through engaging in
illicit economic activities such as currency counterfeiting and narcotics manufacturing. Defectors and other
sources also claimed that forced labor had been used to mine the raw materials sold to the client’s supplier.
Whilst such claims could not be confirmed independently, they echoed accounts of practices documented
extensively by human rights groups.


Nardello & Co.’s adherence to core values has led clients to retain us time and again on matters of the utmost importance and sensitivity. Our relationships are built on:

About our firm

Nardello & Co. is a plobal investigations firm whose experienced professionals handle a broad ranpe
of issues including due diligence, anti-corruption and fraud investigations, civil and white colla
criminal litigation and arbitration support, asset tracing, activist defense, political risk and
strategic intelligence, digital investigations and cyber defense, monitorships and independent
investigations, and compliance.

Our clients include the world’s leading law firms and financial institutions, Fortune 500 and FTSE
100 companies, high-net-worth individuals and family offices, governments, NGOs, sports
organizations, and academic institutions.

With offices in New York, London, Washington DC, Honp Kong, Tokyo, and Dubai, Nardello & Co.
maintains a professional staff that includes former US federal prosecutors, US and international
lawyers, former law
enforcement personnel and intelligence operatives, licensed investigators, research analysts,
former journalists,
financial crime specialists, forensic accountants, and computer forensic experts.

Our Services

With Nardello & Co. as your best kept secret, we’ve got you covered with worldwide capabilities working in your best interest:


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