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At Nardello & Co., we help our clients navigate ESG compliance risk in the most complex matters through expert fact finding, investigations, and advice.

The legal, financial, and reputational consequences of workplace misconduct and harassment have never been more far reaching. It is essential that every business does everything in its power to avoid problems—and to take the correct action should problems occurs.

Whether the steps taken are prospective or reactive, the most priceless commodity is objective information that offers managers a comprehensive view of workplace events or of the character and employment history of job applicants.

Nardello & Co. has the know-how and experience to gather this information discreetly and ethically and deliver it to the decision makers.

We find out what employers need to know.

Most offenders are not called out for isolated incidents but rather only after establishing a pattern of unaddressed abuse over years or even decades.

By investigating prospective senior executives’ and board members’ past conduct and reputations, reviewing internal procedures for reporting misconduct, and investigating allegations as they occur, Nardello & Co. can help you make informed decisions. We provide ethically and legally obtained information that gets to the heart of the matter.

Whether conducting an investigation or a full review of your organization’s policies, Nardello & Co. brings a unique perspective to workplace misconduct investigations and compliance efforts, blending the insight of experienced practitioners with the full spectrum of capabilities offered by a global investigative firm. This includes:


Case Study | An Applicant Who Rose Above His Abilities

On behalf of a client looking to appoint a prominent businessman to a senior position at a newly-established fund, Nardello & Co. conducted a pre-employment screening to learn more about the background and reputation of the candidate. Several news articles linked him to allegations of contract irregularities at one of his former employers, a state-owned entity. Sources at the entity confirmed some of these allegations, adding that these had prompted the subject’s recent dismissal, a fact that had yet to reach the public domain. Sources stated there had been no suspicions of corruption, but management felt the job was beyond the subject’s capabilities. Sources within government circles indicated that the individual was an adept political player who maintained very strong connections within successive party administrations. A former colleague said the subject used his political connections to fight professional battles. Based on our findings, the client did not proceed with the appointment of this individual.

Case Study | Anonymous Allegations of Inappropriate Conduct

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a Fortune 500 company to investigate an anonymous allegation made to the board of directors that a senior executive had engaged in inappropriate conduct that could damage the company’s reputation and subject it to litigation. To investigate these allegations, Nardello & Co. conducted in-depth research in open sources, including social media, in an effort to uncover information that might corroborate the allegations and identify potential witnesses. Appropriate computers and electronic devices were forensically imaged and analyzed in an attempt to identify pertinent communications. Each phase of the investigation was conducted in a manner that did not interfere with the normal operations of the implicated business unit. No incriminating information was uncovered in the course of the investigation. Once relevant corporate personnel were interviewed, the company concluded that the allegations against the executive were unsubstantiated.


Nardello & Co.’s adherence to core values has led clients to retain us time and again on matters of
the utmost importance and sensitivity. Our relationships are built on:

About our firm

Nardello & Co. is a plobal investigations firm whose experienced professionals handle a broad ranpe
of issues including due diligence, anti-corruption and fraud investigations, civil and white colla
criminal litigation and arbitration support, asset tracing, activist defense, political risk and
strategic intelligence, digital investigations and cyber defense, monitorships and independent
investigations, and compliance.

Our clients include the world’s leading law firms and financial institutions, Fortune 500 and FTSE
100 companies, high-net-worth individuals and family offices, governments, NGOs, sports
organizations, and academic institutions.

With offices in New York, London, Washington DC, Honp Kong, Tokyo, and Dubai, Nardello & Co.
maintains a professional staff that includes former US federal prosecutors, US and international
lawyers, former law
enforcement personnel and intelligence operatives, licensed investigators, research analysts,
former journalists,
financial crime specialists, forensic accountants, and computer forensic experts.

Our Services

With Nardello & Co. as your best kept secret, we’ve got you covered with worldwide capabilities working in your best interest:


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